Harlaxton 2017 - Information for parents

Every year the Intermediate Orchestra hold a residential week-end in the beautiful setting of Harlaxton Manor near Grantham.

The beautiful Harlaxton Manor

This years residential will take place on Friday 16 - Sunday 18 June.

The weekend includes rehearsals, social activities and a mini concert for parents and friends.





Here are the final arrangements for the residential weekend. You can download the:

•  Harlaxton Parental consent form (word format)...

•  Directions to Harlaxton (PDF format) ....

•  Final details letter including room share/lift share preference form (word format).....

•  Timetable for the weekend (PDF format).....

You should already have:

•  Paid the remainder of the balance (contact Paula for details)

•  Completed the indicating your room share requests and if you need/can give a lift

•  Completed the parental consent form in advance of the weekend and return to Paula either hand it back at orchestra by 20th March. If we do not have this form you will not be able to stay.

You should arrive at Harlaxton Manor between 6.30 and 7.00pm on Friday evening. There is an orientation meeting at 7.30 pm which includes a compulsory safety briefing, so it is essential that you arrive by this time unless you have made another arrangement with me. Remember to have tea before you come - sandwiches will be provided at 9 pm and there is a vending machine for snacks, but a main meal will not be served on Friday night.

As well as suitable general clothing please remember to bring the following with you:

•  Your instrument

•  Your orchestra music

•  A named music stand (NB none are provided - do not rely on your friend to bring one!)

•  Coat/umbrella - it is a 5 minute walk from the accommodation to the rehearsal rooms

•  Toiletries and any medication you need (towels are provided)

•  Cellists - please bring a floor protector (the floors are polished wood)

•  Trainers without black soles - as black soles are not allowed in the Sports Hall

•  Clothes suitable for an indoor sports hall.

Equipment for use in the sports hall is available at Harlaxton Manor, but you may wish to bring your own anyway.

Could I remind everyone that alcohol, smoking and drug taking will not be tolerated. Any member who is found in possession of any of these substances will not be allowed to stay and parents will be contacted immediately to collect them.

In an emergency you can reach us at Harlaxton Manor on 01476 403000 or on my mobile 07857 707831.

There will be an open rehearsal/informal concert for parents at 1pm on Sunday for parents to hear what we have been working on over the weekend and to have an insight into the magnificent surroundings in which their children have been rehearsing!

Departure will be at around 1.30 - 1.45pm. In order to reduce costs we are unfortunately unable to provide tea and coffee after the concert as we have done in previous years.

Please arrive for the concert by 12.45 so that we can start on time. The car park is a 5 minute walk from the hall itself.

If you have any queries please don't hesitate to get in touch.


The Nottingham Youth Orchestra